At Mazars we offer a full range of services that will give you a clear insight into your business strategy, processes and your financial reports.

We also give you all the necessary advice and support to manage your operational and financial processes and the risks involved.

Our advisory services are structured around several specialist business lines, bringing together experts from the following fields:

  • Financial advisory services
  • Business advisory services
  • Consulting

 Specific services performed include:

Donor Funded Services

Supporting governments and donor agencies in implementing inclusive and effective development programs while monitoring progress, promoting transparency and ensuring accountability.

Donor funded business is a key elements of Mazars’ service offering and an integral part of our business advisory segment.

We draw on our dedicated teams to provide comprehensive technical advisory services in:

  • Public Sector Reform and Management: public policies, public finances, institutional and capacity enhancement.
  • Good governance and compliance: economic as well as social and environmental.

Mazars Nigeria has operated as a trusted advisor to central and local governments and public entities worldwide. Mazars professionals operate from 91 countries, with the support of two donors funded international hubs located in Europe (Brussels and Paris) and Asia (Pakistan and Singapore).

We have partnered with Oxfam as well as many other international development agencies, in supporting organizations as well as governments to enhance service delivery, increase productivity and transparency, streamline business processes, lower costs and ensure good governance.

Risk Management & Internal Controls

As you work on a more global scale and expand your operations you will outsource, relocate and work with subsidiaries. This means you need to adapt the way that you evaluate performance, shareholder profitability and improve transparency.
We work in the following areas to help you manage risks and optimize your processes in this more complex environment.

We can help you develop your audit and internal controls by:

  • Structuring activity
  • Providing operational audits and process optimization
  • Providing specialized consultants
  • Drafting operational procedures
  • Evaluating internal audit functions

 We can improve risk management by:

  • Mapping risks
  • Processing risks
  • Brainstorming action plans

 Would you like an insight into your business operations to minimize future risks? We can help by installing management and administration systems. We help you comply with these regulations through:

  • Training
  • Project management
  • Evaluating internal controls
  • Creating and implementing internal control frameworks
  • Establishing internal control report

 We can also call on the international expertise of our global, integrated partnership at any time.

Business Advisory Services

Our teams at Mazars Nigeria can help you with business process improvement.

We will use our tried and tested methods to look at how you can add value to your organization and advise you on how you can make positive changes. We offer support in key areas including: business modelling, management information and process analysis and improvement.

At Mazars Nigeria we know how important it is that your business evolves in the direction that you have planned. Our growth services will help your business evolve and increase in value. We realize that nobody knows your business like you do – so we will complement your expertise with our own.

 As we work together we can help you grow while recommending solutions that suit your business and stakeholders.