Audit and Assurance

Statutory audit is all about producing trustworthy financial information, but at Mazars we go a step further than just making sure the figures add up. We can advise you on the consistency and reliability of your financial information.

We also believe your audit should be more than just about placing ticks in boxes to satisfy regulators. We undertake to add value to your audit wherever we can.

We believe your audit should be about more than fulfilling regulatory obligations. It’s an opportunity to re-assess your business, so we make a point of adding value to your audit through lateral thinking and practical commercial insight as well as looking at your financial statements, we will help you improve the way that you produce and present economic and financial information - to help you manage risks effectively. You will also be in a better position to make strategic decisions and have more transparency with shareholders.

Good people make all the difference! It’s a fact that productive relationships grow from clear communication based on honesty and empathy. Our proven method to recruit talented people with communications skills and common sense as well as technical ability has been our recipe for success.

Our highly technical staff have the right tools and methodologies to adapt to your organizations’ needs. We can also call on our wider network of experts – from actuaries to internal control, financial modelling specialists who can provide specialist solutions.

A global reach - When your audit requirements extend beyond national borders we provide an integrated service that deploys cross-border teams in conjunction with colleagues Mazars offices. That way you get the same distinctive level of service, with local knowledge - however far your operations extend.

We know that productive relationships grow from clear communication based on honesty and empathy. In the audit space, consistency is key so that the experiences gained from year to year aren’t lost. At Mazars, we endeavour to keep your audit team consistent and to manage succession in a responsible way, so that the flow of knowledge is always seamless.

Whatever your size, wherever you are, we help you meet your regulatory reporting requirements in a wide variety of sectors, from small trading companies through to highly regulated industries such as financial services providers.