Transport & logistics

Solutions to move your strategy forward

The transport and logistics industry is facing new sources of volatility and uncertainty. Tighter regulations, environmental constraints, global trade disputes and digitalisation are all agents for major change. Our audit, advisory and tax services help companies navigate the complexities in the sector. We bring multidisciplinary capabilities from our global network to ensure our solutions are the right fit for you in your markets.

Our Approach

In a dynamic global market, transport and logistics companies face a multitude of economic, regulatory, and technological challenges. The industry is witnessing the strain of labour shortages exacerbated by the growth of e-commerce, demanding sustainable and digital transformation. At Mazars, we stand alongside diverse transport and logistics businesses, ranging from transporters and shippers to ports, service providers, warehouses, and aviation companies, among others, with both domestic and global operations.

Irrespective of your sector, our cohesive and multidisciplinary team functions as a unified force, delivering tailored expertise and solutions to address your specific needs and navigate your unique market challenges. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses:

  • Optimizing production costs and enhancing financial performance
  • Capitalizing on market opportunities to strengthen your market presence
  • Ensuring operational security and resilience
  • Achieving compliance with regulations and requirements
  • Enhancing operational efficiency and performance

Each of our seasoned professionals possesses sector-specific qualifications, complemented by extensive practical experience gained through years of successful engagement. When partnering with you, we explore the entire spectrum of possibilities and curate tailored solutions that align with your strategic objectives. Our specialists possess an in-depth understanding of the intricate rules and regulations impacting your organization, and we leverage our global network of experts to provide you with the critical advice and insights you need.

Our services

We help companies in the transport and logistics sector secure their operations and create value with a wide range of solutions including:

  • Financial audit
  • Risk management and internal control
  • Corporate finance
  • Transaction services
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Forensic and investigations
  • Employer solutions
  • Digital transformation and technology
  • Sustainability services